Belfast City Hall Wedding – Janet and Jewel

February 2016 – I really love Indian weddings. They are always a colourful and fun occasion and this wedding was certainly no exception. The bride wore a stunning crimson and gold sari adorned with fine detail and gorgeous henna designs decorated her hands. She wore a sparking jewel head piece with red roses in her hair. In contrast the groom was looking sharp in a stylish dark grey tuxedo.

The wedding ceremony was at the City Hall in Belfast with around 50 guests in attendance. The two bridesmaids looked fabulous in their mauve dresses. It was a short but lovely ceremony and afterwards we got the group shots at the grand staircase. I’m always impressed with the City Hall; opened in 1906 it’s still one of the grandest buildings in Ireland. Unfortunately there was some landscaping work being performed around the building which restricted our photos somewhat. However it was a bright and sunny afternoon and we were still able to get some great portraits at the front of the building.

 The couple went along to the second part of their ceremony at the nearby mosque before we headed to Carrickfergus for the reception at the Loughshore Hotel. The dinner was great and consisted of an amazingly good chicken curry with cheesecake for dessert. The speeches followed with some extremely funny moments and I laughed along while taking the photos.

Throughout the day I alternated between the Canon 5D MK2 and my new 6D. I was very impressed with the 6D’s lowlight capability and I think this will be my go- to camera for future indoor wedding receptions.

The day was a lot of fun and the newly-weds were brilliant. As a wedding photographer I really love weddings and it’s always an honour to capture such a special day.

Congratulations to Janet and Jewel. What a fabulous couple!


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